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Pera-Frangissa • Season 2022

Anci­ent sanc­tua­ries were intri­ca­te and mul­ti­face­ted sites that not only faci­li­ta­ted ritu­al prac­ti­ces but also ser­ved various social, poli­ti­cal, and eco­no­mic pur­po­ses. This...

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Pera-Frangissa • Season 2021

In 2020, archaeo­lo­gists from the Uni­ver­si­ties of Frank­furt and Kiel suc­cee­ded in loca­ting the long-lost anci­ent sanc­tua­ry of Apol­lo at Tam­assos-Fran­gis­sa in a...

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Pera-Frangissa • Season 2020

Like many pro­jects in 2020, the Fran­gis­sa pro­ject has not remain­ed unaf­fec­ted by the coro­na pan­de­mic. A field school ori­gi­nal­ly plan­ned for spring...

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